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Title: OUR PROGRAMS: Work and Travel USA - Internship USA - Trainee USA
Winter, Spring,
and Summer
seasonal employees
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Professional training and career development year round.
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Title: Benefits of working with USE
  • Only company of its kind to be based in Latin America with in-country offices and staff from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and the US.
  • Native English Speakers conduct English evaluations.
  • An Account Manager assists you every step of the way. They are based in Latin America during recruiting months and make on-site visits during the season.
  • USE Participants are from top universities, and must attend a variety of orientations before travelling to the US.
  • Offices in Latin America allow us to work more closely with the US Consulate.

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Work and Travel job fairs Pictures
Professionalism. Organization. Efficiency.
Learn more about how to attend a job fair or look at photos from the 2023 Latin American Fairs.
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June 26,30 - August 14,18
September 11,15 - October 02,03

Testimonial from TJ Rosey "Another area where USE is leaps and bounds in front of other J-1 companies is their online database which even keeps track of the students travel itineraries - no other J-1 company comes close."

TJ Rose, Steamboat
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CNN in Spanish interviews Rafael Espinoza, CEO of USE about the Work and Travel Program.
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