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Our Programs: Work and Travel - Internship - Trainee
Work and Travel Internship Trainee

Work and Travel USA

The 4-month Work and Travel Program aims to meet the seasonal staffing needs of employers in the United States by recruiting internationals students to fill peak seasonal positions. USE recruits quality international employees for you at no cost, saving you time and money while adding diversity to your company.

Dates: December - March
Countries: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Peru.
Online/Onsite Job Fairs
Dates: June - September
Countries: Spain and Romania.
Online Job Fairs
Hiring Process
  JOB FAIRS   The most well-organized and professional Job Fairs in the market. Employers who commit to hiring more than 30 participants are invited to Lima, Peru to conduct face-to-face interviews, with all job fair related expenses covered by USE.  
  ZOOM ONLINE INTERVIEWS   Online interviews are conducted via Zoom. You can schedule interviews with your Account Manager during the most convenient time for you. An USE rep will join you during your online job fair to make sure you have assistance the entire time.  
Latin America NetworkingTrips
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