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Our Programs: Work and Travel - Internship - Trainee
Work and Travel Internship Trainee

Universal Student Exchange has placed students from all over the world in entry-level seasonal positions since 1999. Each year we send over 3,000 students to work and train in the US, making USE the largest Work Exchange Program in Latin America.

- University Students
- Up to 4 months
- Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica,
  Paraguay and Peru.
- J1 Visa
- University Graduates
- 4-12 months
- Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil,
  Ecuador, Turkey and others
- J1 Visa
- Young professionals
- 4-18 months
- Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil,
  Ecuador, Turkey and others
- J1 Visa


 No cost to your company

 Pre-screened quality employees

 Management of expectations

 Located in the country of origen

 Cutting-edge technology

 Personal service with an account manager

 Poolside interviews for lifeguards

 Employees arrive with their visas in hand

 Adds cultural diversity to your workforce

 Participants are recruited from top universities

 All participants arrive with health insurance

 Slopeside interviews for ski/snowboard instructors

 Job Fairs South America, interview face-to-face

Latin America NetworkingTrips
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