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Participant Orientations

Bullet English and Social Skills Evaluation:
During the English and Social Skills Evaluation,the USE interviewer also has the opportunity to guide participants in researching certain areas based on their interests and expectations, These include: Do they want to be near a big city? Snowboard every day? East coast vs. west coast? Want to be with lots of internationals?
Bullet Introductory Orientation:
A mandatory meeting for all participants to learn about each and every step of the US J1 work visa process.
Bullet Pre-interview Orientation:
A lecture on proper interview etiquette in North America.
Bullet Tailor-made Training:
If you would like to start job-specific training prior to participants´ travel, please let us know! For lifeguards, USE will pre-screen students´ swimming abilities. Housekeepers are given access to state-of-the-art facilities that allow them to get a feel for the position well before they are actually on the job. If your managers would like to meet their future employees ahead of time and/or start their while students are still in their home country, USE is more than happy to organize video conference meetings individually or in a group.
Bullet Consulate Interview Orientation:
When participants pick up their J1 visa paperwork, they are invited to attend an explanation of what to expect when they go for their Embassy appointment.
Bullet Arrival Presentation:
A one-hour customized presentation for each employer. This orientation covers everything from airports, what to bring, housing and cultural differences.
Bullet Departure Orientation:
Sponsor and Department of State-mandated assembly for all J1 work and travel participants and their families about laws and regulations in the United States.
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