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USE trips Trips Description 2010 Trips Sample Itinerary
Treasure Trujillo  Bullet Treasure Trujillo (August 12-14)

Visit the spectacular North of Peru and its rich archaeological history. Explore Sipan, where the tomb of the Lord of Sipan was discovered. This imposing complex of Sipan (a Moche word meaning House of the Moon), thru recent excavations, have brought to light a cache of funerary objects considered to rank among the finest examples of pre-columbian art. Take a short tour of Trujillo that includes the Casa del Mayorazgo, Casa Orbegozo, Casa de la Emancipacion and La Merced Church and stroll along the grand central plaza and streets lined with colonial mansions. Enjoy the royal palace complex of Chan Chan, built by the Chimu culture in pre-Inca times, the Chan Chan Museum and the Citadel of Chan Chan which is the biggest mud city of the world..
Discover Mancora  Bullet Discover Mancora (August 31-September 4)

Sunny beaches all year round offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy delicious seafood dishes. Mancora is also a great beach to practice windsurfing, surfing and other aquatic sports. Its crystalline water is an amazing spot in which to observe marine life. Savage natural landscape, brilliant sunshine, beautiful people, delicious drinks and food you have earned this time for rest and relaxation!
Trekking to Choquequirao/Cusco  Bullet Trekking to Choquequirao/Cusco visit (September 20-25)

Choquequirao, in the Quechua language means "cradle of gold". Situated deep within the Andes in the untouched and unspoiled Vilcabamba mountain range at an altitude of 3035 meters, the site commands unprecedented views both of the surrounding snow-capped mountains and the mighty glacier-fed Apurimac River far below. Reconnect with nature on this 21.3 mile hike. Adventure includes a visit to Cusco. Please be aware trek consists of long uphill trails that start at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level.
  • Please ask about hiring requirements for additional recruiters or. USE will gladly subsidize your trip as if you would like to participate in a Networking Trip but cannot meet the hiring minimums. Additional cost of $300 per attendee.

  • All Networking trips have an additional cost of $300. There is limited space available for the Networking Trips so please sign up as soon as possible. There is a good possibility of sharing rooms on the Networking Trips.

  • A minimum of 6 recruiters must sign up six weeks prior to the start of the Networking Trip for the trip to take place.

  • Change and Cancellation Policy: In cases when airline tickets have been issued and lodging and tours have been pre-paid, guests will still be responsible for the $300 fee.

  • Flight Changes and Delays: Airline flight changes and delays are unfortunate, but are an inherent risk of travel and outside the control or responsibility of Universal Student Exchange. Guests may reserve the right to hold the airline responsible for any such delays. In the event of a delay that leads to missing a scheduled connection flight for the Networking Trip, the guest and not USE will be responsible for fees involved in reserving a new flight or change fee penalties to join the Networking Trip in progress. The guests will still be responsible for the $300 fee.

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